How to Share Liked Songs on Spotify?

Are you ready to share your favorite songs on Spotify with ease? This article will guide you through the simple steps of ‘How to Share Liked Songs on Spotify,’ making it exciting and straightforward.

We will go through the procedures, techniques, and tips that allow you to create and share your musical world, from beautiful tunes to energetic beats. Get ready for a journey where rhythm brings us together, songs light up our spirits, and the joy of music has no limits. It’s time to discover how to share your beloved songs on Spotify and connect with other music enthusiasts through shared experiences. Let’s begin!

How to Share Liked Songs on Spotify? – Super Easy Methods

Sharing your favorite Spotify tunes is a breeze! Just kick off the song you love and hit up that share button nestled in the bottom right corner of your screen. From there, pick your preferred sharing method or snag the link and shoot it over to your pals and kin.

Now, if you’re looking to spread the love for all your liked songs or showcase a playlist packed with your top tracks, there’s a little twist. Spotify doesn’t let you directly sling out your liked songs playlist. Nope, you’ve got to get hands-on and craft a fresh playlist, tossing in your faves one by one. Check out this nifty guide for both PC and mobile users on how to work that magic.

Using Spotify to share your liked songs isn’t just about flaunting your musical taste. It’s a nifty way to connect with others and unearth some fresh tunes. When you dish out your beloved tracks, you’re not just introducing folks to artists and genres—they’re diving into the specific beats that make your heart sing.

Method 1: How to Share Liked Songs on Iphone & Andriod

Sharing your favorite tunes on Spotify from your Android or iPhone might sound like a maze, but fear not—I’ve got you covered with simple steps.

Step 1:

Dive into Your Spotify Library Fire up your Spotify app on your mobile gadget. Once you’re in, head down to the Library at the screen’s bottom. Here, you can dig into your music library, where all your downloaded and liked tracks, playlists, or albums hang out.

Step 2:

Craft a Brand-New Playlist Now, shift your gaze to the top right corner, where you’ll spot a snazzy “+” sign. Give it a tap, and voilà—playlist creation is a go! A little box will pop up, asking for a name. Feel free to get creative; I usually name it after the friend I plan to share it with.

Step 3:

Load Up Your Fresh Playlist Now that your playlist is born, it needs some tunes. Hit the “+” and you’ll see four song lists—Suggested, Filmi, recently played, and songs you liked. Swipe left thrice to reach “Songs you Liked.”

Step 4:

Uncover the Share Option Once you’ve found the track you fancy, tap the menu icon (three dots up top) and scroll down until you see the share button. This opens up a bunch of options, and you can even invite your friends to hop on the playlist.

Step 5:

Take Your Pick: Social or Link Select “Share” from the menu and dive into a world of sharing options. Whether it’s chat apps, social media, or good ol’ email, pick your preferred route from your device’s sharing choices. And there you have it—your music, shared and enjoyed!

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Method 2: How to Share Liked Songs Using Desktop App

Sure, let’s tackle sharing your Spotify Liked Songs using the desktop app! Here’s my down-to-earth guide:

How to Share Liked Songs Using Desktop App

Step 1:

Get into the Spotify Zone on Your Computer First things first, open up Spotify on your PC or Mac. But, here’s the twist – you gotta use the real Spotify app on your computer, not the web version. The web one won’t let you grab all your Liked Songs in one swoop. If you’re usually in the browser, you’ll need to snag the desktop app from this link:

But hold on! If you’re on a Chromebook or just don’t wanna deal with the desktop app, there’s a trick called the Share Liked Songs tool that can help create your playlist. And guess what? You don’t need Spotify Premium for this.

If you’re just looking to sling one single liked song, click those three dots next to the song title, hit Share, and pick how you wanna spread the musical love.

Step 2:

Get Crafting – Make a New Playlist Now, let’s get creative. Click on + Create Playlist in the left panel. Easy, right? That’ll give you a new playlist with a basic name like “My Playlist #73.” But that’s boring, so tap that generic name and spice it up. Maybe something like “Songs I Like”?

Step 3:

Hunting Down Your Liked Songs Scroll up in the left panel till you find your Liked Songs. It’s that purple-and-white heart icon. Click it, and bam! All those Liked Songs you couldn’t share before are right there.

Step 4:

Picking Out Your Songs Click on any Liked Song once to highlight it. Yup, just one click.

Step 5:

Grab ‘Em All at Once Now, here’s a cool shortcut – on PC, hit Ctrl+A; if you’re on a Mac, it’s ⌘ Cmd+A. This selects every single song in your Liked Songs list, even the ones hiding beyond the screen.

Step 6:

The Big Move – Drag ’em Over Next up, drag that highlighted bunch of songs over to your fresh playlist in the left panel. Your new playlist should be right at the top. Dragging it over copies all your Liked Songs into this new space.

Step 7:

Time to Spread the Musical Love Once you’ve moved the songs, check out your new playlist in the left panel – all your Liked Songs should be there, vibing together!

Wanna show off your Liked Songs playlist on your profile? Click those three dots at the top and pick “Make public.”

And if you wanna share the link to your Liked Songs playlist with your crew, hit those three dots, choose Share, then click “Copy link to playlist.” Boom! Your musical world is now ready to be shared far and wide.

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Method 3: Using Share Liked Songs on Any Platform

Method 3: Using Share Liked Songs on Any Platform

Alright, so you wanna share your beloved Spotify Liked Songs without any desktop fuss? No problemo! Check this out:

Step 1:

Dive into the Web World Head over to this funky link: using any web browser on your computer, Android, iPhone, or iPad. If you’re rocking Spotify on your phone or browser and can’t make a new playlist like you do on the desktop, this tool’s got your back. It’s called Share Liked Songs, and it’s a free tool made by a fellow Spotify lover to help you whip up a shareable playlist, no desktop app needed.

And, hey, if you just wanna toss out one single liked song, no sweat. Just tap those three dots next to the song title, hit Share, and pick how you wanna spread the vibe.

Step 2:

Let’s Get Linked Click “Continue with Spotify.” You’ll jump to a page explaining what Share Liked Songs needs to do its thing. If you’re not logged into Spotify in your browser, type in your deets to sign in.

Step 3:

Terms and a Click Give the terms a quick once-over and hit “Agree.” To let Share Liked Songs do its magic, it needs access to your Spotify account data. Don’t stress – it won’t nab your passwords or personal stuff. You can always cancel these permissions later.

Step 4:

Playlist Magic Tap “Get Your Playlist,” and boom! Share Liked Songs will whip up a fresh playlist, stacking it with your Liked Songs. The URL for your new playlist shows up at the bottom of the page. Just a heads-up, though: if you’ve liked over 10,000 songs, this tool will only grab the first 10,000.

Step 5:

Playlist Party Click that URL, and there you have it—a playlist named Liked Songs, ready to rock and roll! By default, it’s public. Wanna keep it on the down-low or just share with a select crew? Hit those three dots at the top, go for “Make private.”

Now, to share the musical goodness, tap those three dots up top again, hit Share, and pick how you wanna send it out. On Android or iPhone, you can fire it off in a text, tweet it out, or practically anywhere else. You can also snag the playlist URL by hitting Copy link on mobile or Copy link to playlist on your computer. Easy-peasy! Your Liked Songs are officially out in the world.

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Method 4: Sharing Liked Songs Via Third Party Tool

Alright, check it out! If you’re on a Chromebook or just not into dealing with the whole desktop app vibe, there’s this cool thing called the Share Liked Songs tool. It’s like a buddy for your Spotify, and here’s how you dive into it:

Step 1:

Hit Up the Tool and Connect with Spotify First things first, cruise on over to the Share Liked Songs website. You can do this on your computer, Android gadget, iPhone, or iPad. Then, just tap on “Continue with Spotify” and log into your Spotify account if it asks.

Step 2:

Let Spotify Play Nice Take a quick peek at the terms, say “Sure, why not?” and let the tool play nice with your Spotify account. No worries, it’s not snagging your secrets or passwords.

Step 3:

Make Your Playlist Magic Now that you’ve given the green light, click “Get Your Playlist.” The Share Liked Songs wizardry kicks in and whips up a brand-new playlist, loading it with all your liked songs. The URL for this musical masterpiece shows up at the bottom of the page.

Step 4:

Unveil Your Playlist Click that URL, and bam! Your new playlist is ready to rock. By default, it’s out there for the world to see. But, if you want to keep it hush-hush or just for certain eyes, tap those three dots up top and hit “Make private.”

Step 5:

Let the Sharing Begin Ready to spread the musical joy? Hit those three dots again, pick “Share,” and choose your way. You can shoot it off in a text, drop it on social media, or copy the playlist’s URL to send it wherever you please.

And there you have it, with the Share Liked Songs tool, sharing your top tunes is a piece of cake. Time to groove together!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I share my favorite songs using the Spotify mobile app?

Absolutely! You can share your favorite songs on Spotify with the mobile app. Just tap on the song or playlist, choose “share,” and pick how you want to share it.

Can I share my favorite songs on Spotify with others?

Yep, sharing your favorite songs on Spotify with others is super easy.

Can I use the desktop app to share my favorite music on Spotify?

Totally! If you’re using the desktop app, just right-click on the song or playlist and choose “share” to spread the musical joy.

Can I share my favorite tracks with someone who doesn’t have a Spotify account?

Absolutely! You can make a shared link for your favorite songs or playlists and send it to anyone, even if they don’t have a Spotify account.

Is it free to share loved tracks on Spotify?

Yes, sharing your favorite tracks on Spotify is completely free for everyone. No hidden costs!

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